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Senate Committee To Plan New Laws For Protecting Minorities In Pakistan


Minorities in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: New laws to be chalked out by a Senate Committee to protect minorities in Pakistan.

According to details, a Senate committee would be engage in the issue of the killings of Hazara community members in Pakistan. The committee would also be discussing new possible legislation that might help protect religious minorities in the country.

This Senate committee is assigned the task of preparing recommendations on how the government can plan upon a spanking new legislation to protect the minority communities who are facing an ever increased persecution in Pakistan. The suggestions of this committee will then be shared with the ministry of law and justice and human rights and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP).

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Senator Samina Abid said: “Our aim is to think how to protect minority communities. Their persecution is a stigma.”
Senator from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, said the lawmakers would be planning recommendations to assure a better human rights situation across Pakistan.

Senator Mohsin Leghari, expressed joy that Senate was looking into the plight of minorities in a positive way. He further said, “Let the facts come out and then our thoughts about it will be more credible. This meeting will help us realise what exactly the issue is.”

While still on the subject, the HRCP and European Union have previously expressed great concerns over the mass graves unearthed recently. According to official records, about 1,456 members of the Hazara community have lost their lives in different areas of Balochistan in the past seven years.