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Senate takes action over CIP’s news of a Christian student beaten and locked up by headmistress


Pakistan National Assembly

The news of a Pakistani Christian student, locked up in a washroom for using a washroom in use of Muslim students which was reported by Christians in Pakistan gets noticed by the Senate of Pakistan.

According to details, Senator Raza Rabbani, Chairman of Senate has reportedly issued orders to conduct an investigation into the incident of a Christian student Sara Bibi beaten, harassed by the head mistress of her school.

The news was reported by Christians in Pakistan on November 9, Monday, which was noticed by Pakistan’s politician leaders. The following day, during a session of the Senate, Pakistan People’s Party’s leader and Senator Sherry Rehman brought the news into the notice of the Senators present during the session of the Senate.

After the news was aired by Christians in Pakistan, Senator Sherry Rehman told the Senators that a Christian student was not allowed to use the same washroom used Muslims students and when she did used it, she was beaten and called an infidel by her school head mistress.

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Senator Sherry Rehman expressed annoyance over the fact that so far the government has not offered any reaction to her point raised just a day before about beating up of a Christian student in Faisalabad and locking her in a washroom. At this occasion, Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani, issued directions to conduct an investigation and present a report over this incident.

On the other hand, Leader of the House Raja Muhammad Zafarul told the House that he had received an initial report regarding the incident. He said that the report failed to satisfy him and so he directed the EDO to meet the Christian girl and her parents himself and then report back to him.

The incident took place in Samudari, where a Head Mistress of Government Girls Primary School Chack number 228 GB, purportedly threatened and thrashed a Christian student when she was found using the washroom. “You are Christian an infidel and how you dared to use washroom which Muslim girls use.”

Further more, Dr. Nazir S Bhatti- President of Pakistan Christian Congress, strongly condemned the incident and ruthless behaviour of the head mistress towards her Christian student. He called upon the government of Punjab to take notice of this incident and conduct a comprehensive investigation into it.