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Seniors Luncheon Program by Canadian Christian Association


On July 22, 2017. The Program began with the opening Prayer by Rev. Munir Din, Mr. Roger Sampson (President CCA), and Mrs. Itrat Khokhar were the MC’s for the program. The program was extremely all around went to and numerous seniors took an interest in the artistic creation movement, and had a chance to feature their ability, which particularly valued by everybody.

Seniors Luncheon Program by Canadian Christian Association

The other CCA official colleagues that went to included: Mr. Noel Chaudry (VP-CCA), Shahzad Qadir (Treasurer CCA), Shan Khurram and Eliasaph Haroon (Executive Members), Mr. John Gill (Senior Adviser and Past President CCA), Prof. Obaid Chaudry (Senior Adviser, Comm. Chief, and past president CCA). Rev. James Luke and Mr. Aslam Alam Shah, two past presidents, additionally went to the program.

CCA Past President Obaid cahudry said that Having interests and recreation exercises are genuinely essential to the Elderly. Are pastimes fun, as well as they can revive the psyche and body; help one in remaining sound, dynamic and cheerful. Spending time doing the things that we appreciate can help defer indications of maturing and the delight in taking an interest can prompt positive emotions that can help battle against a few ailments.