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Severe Winter Adds To The Plight Of Refugees In Middle East


A severe winter storm has fetched freezing temperatures to the Middle East, causing more trouble to the millions of refugees in the region.

Severe winter adds to the plight of Middle East refugees
Severe winter adds to the plight of Middle East refugees

According to details, the mountains around Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley has had snowfall where hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrian refugees have taken shelter. The snowfall has added to the plight of these refugees. As frosty winds blow their tents need to be held more firmly then before and attempts have been made to secure them.

As a result of drop in temperatures and chilly weather the UN is also “extremely concerned” about the situation in Jordan, where extra blankets have been distributed among the refugees. According to rough estimates more than 7.6 million people have been displaced inside Syria only since 2011.

UNHCR spokeswoman Lisa Abou Khaled says, “Refugees in informal settlements are very cold. Most of them are staying inside their tents to keep warm next to the heating stove. Some are wiping the snow off the roof of their makeshift tents because they are worried that they might collapse under the weight of the snow.”

According to the weather forecasts snowfall and freezing temperatures to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Turkey. Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.