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Shahzad Masih’s brother talking about his brother’s killing abd Kasur Incident



My name is Iqbal Masih,I worked at the brick kiln since 15, 16 years. They arrested my brother and sister-in-law over alleged desecration of the Holy Quran.

They confined them in a room. Gujjar the owner of the brick kiln told my brother and sister-in-law not to run from there unless you pay my money. Afzal- manager, Ramzan- driver of a trolley and Shakeel who is a manger and son-in-law of the owner said the same to them. Shakeel told them you have to pay 5, 10 lac rupees and don’t run from here otherwise you will be alleged of committing blasphemy and you will die but you cant leave. They brought my sister-in-law and brother out of the room, beat them and took them to the brick kiln. When they brought them to the brick kiln they burnt them in the kiln.

The incident happened on November 4, they caught them at 6:00 am and at around 7-7:30 am they were burnt. I was hiding at that time out of fear. They were around 1500-1600 men. Early morning they made phone calls and loudspeaker announcements were made in Chak 59, Chak 60, Nawa Pind, Adriyan, Rossay Pair, Chak 65 that all should gather at the brick kiln. Gujjar said this. Gujjar did all this to us. My brother and sister-in-law were murdered and burnt. Police did not arrive at the scene in time.

They couple had little children; a son 5 year old, a daughter 3 year old and still another daughter younger than these. Shamma was pregnant while he youngest daughter is 1 year old. Daughter’s names are Sonia, Poonum and son Salaman. Many people came for condolences but I was not conscious because of extreme grief. I am only talking to you, I was so overwhelmed with grief I did not know anything.

Shahzad Masih's brother talking about his brother's killing abd Kasur Incident