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Shaping Christianity in China – Braving persecution


For years, China has been viewed as a country that lacks Bibles and has few Christians.But that view is a few decades out of date and couldn’t be more wrong.

According to a report from Charisma News, more Christians go to church in China than in Europe, and the nation will likely become the largest Christian nation in the world by the year 2030.

While Christianity is spreading like wildfire in urban areas, minority groups, which tend to be in rural and remote areas, are facing a challenge unique to their area. According to China Partner, there’s a lack of people ministering to minority groups. “The Gospel is available, it’s just not accessible in some areas,” says Erik Burklin of China Partner. “The best way that the Gospel is going to be accessible to most of the minority groups is through the minority Christians themselves,” he adds.

“We go to an existing Bible School that’s already bringing these students and Christians to their location to give them training. We then participate with this training program to equip them so when they graduate, when they’re finished with their education and training, they go back to their remote village to continue the ministry,” Burklin says. China Partner was recently invited to help train students at a registered Bible School in Guizhou, where 90% of the student body came from minority groups.

Coincidentally as the number of Christians in China is ever increasing, persecution is also on the high. With the latest issue of removal of crosses from an area that is known as the Jerusalem of China, Christians of the region are facing new challenges.