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Sharoon Masih did not die as a result of religious feud: Police


Police turns down religion based feud as reason Sharoon Masih’s murder. 17-year-old, Sharoon was lynched by his classmate Ahmed Raza on August 30. Earlier, Sharoon had complained of being harassed and bullied in the school, on the pretest of his Christian faith. He was an only Christian student in a class of 70.

Christian student killed in Pakistan

Deputy Superintendent of Police Tahir Majeed remarking in this regard told the media that: “There is no religious angle involved in this case; rather different communities have good terms in the neighborhood also. Sharoon’s best friend is an eye witness to this incident and he also refutes the claims of it being a religious issue.”

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DSP Vehari further said: “People are trying to communalize the issue. There were rumors that Muslim children tried to convert Sharoon but after the investigation no evidence of this was found. Rather it was a simple fight between two students where one was stronger than the other, and Sharoon could not bear the impact of the beating.”

DSP Tahir Majeed refuted the religion based incitement saying that the murderer “is a 17 years old boy, who is healthier than Sharoon. The court has granted police his physical remand. According to the accused statement in the Court, Sharoon had broken his mobile earlier in the day and when he [Ahmed Raza] stopped Sharoon on the way in school a fight broke out which resulted in Sharoon’s death.”

On the other hand, traumatized by the incident, Sharoon’s father refused to send his other kids to school fearful of same ill-fate. “What should I do, I can’t put the life of my other kids at stake. What if they are treated the same way? I have lost Sharoon I can’t afford to lose my other children.”

Sharoon’s father Ilyasab Masih claims that initially he and rest of the family members were informed by the students that Sharoon was killed because he drank water from a glass used by all students. He says that Sharoon was already facing bullying and harassment saying: “He told my wife that the students called him a Choora and treated him badly for being the only Christian in class. There are about 4,000 kids in school and he was the only Christian in his class. I don’t know if there are any more Christian children in school.”