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Sharoon Masih’s assassin must be punished: MNA Khalil George


Pakistani Christian lawmaker Khalil George has called for stern punishment for the assassin of Sharoon Masih. In a statement sent to fides, MNA Khalil George said: “Serious action must be taken against the perpetrators, and the assassin must be punished according to the law.”

Pakistani Christian student killed in school

On September 12, Khalil George introduced the matter on the floor of the National Assembly. During the proceedings, he detailed the incident when a 17-year-old Christian student Sharoon Masih was brutally lynched by his classmate for drinking water from a glass used by all students. MNA Khalil who had offered condolences to the dejected parents of Sharoon Masih in person deems this incident “is an opportunity to reiterate the curriculum reform in schools.”

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In a statement sent to fides, he pin pointed the root cause of growing intolerance in the society. “The case of Sharoon Masih is tragic and a shame for the country. It is necessary to act urgently. That is why I have asked all members of the National Assembly to reconsider the issue of the school curricula reform in Pakistan as a priority and I have asked to introduce the theme ‘inter-religious harmony’ as a subject in all public schools of every order and degree of study.”

During NA’s proceedings on September 12, Pakistani legislators expressed sorrow over the incident and condemned the brutality. MNA Khalil George in his statement to fides explained the root cause of escalating intolerance saying: “Intolerance and religious hatred towards minorities are instilled in the minds of students through study programs. Instead, they should be based on inter-religious harmony, the basis for social cohabitation.”

The Christian legislator ardently urges the government to name the school where the incident unfolded after him Sharoon Masih. Moreover, he will soon present a formal request to the government urging the authorities to succor victim’s parents. “And the victim’s parents, who live poorly, must be supported by the government”, he notes.

Father of Sharoon Masih claims that the incident was based upon religious bigotry, and blamed the teacher for inciting it. Soon after the incident, Sharoon’s classmates purportedly informed his family he was beaten for drinking water from the glass used by rest of the students.

Sharoon Masih was the only Christian student in the class. His family members assert they were told by his fellow students that the pretext used to Muslim students to beat Sharoon was “having used a glass used by all other students to drink water.”

“Sharon was beaten up and the teachers did nothing to stop the violence,” his family members say. One of the teachers who attended school this morning told the police that he had not seen anything, as he was “busy reading a newspaper.”