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Sheikhupura: A Christian goes missing ensuing accusations of posting a blasphemous post on social media


A Christian man, Usman Liaquat has been missing after he was accused of committing blasphemy by local Muslims. The incident took place in Khanpur Canal area in Sheikhupura, Punjab. The complaints have filed a police complaint against the Christian; however the respondent went missing shortly after the accusations.

Pakistani Christian arrested over blasphemy accusation

The Christian respondent, Usman Liaquat works at an automobile company and is father of three. His wife however, claims that Usman is in police custody as she narrates that on May 22, Sunday, Usman got engaged in a brawl with locals, Consequently Usman sustained head injury and was rushed to a hospital for medical treatment.

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The hospital administration refused to administer medical treatment to him, saying that it was a police case and until police arrives, they will not start his treatment. She said that, doctors treated him, after a policeman arrived. Followed by the medical treatment, police took him and he has not returned since. The area residents are also of the same opinion, that Usman is in a protective custody of police.

On the other hand, SHO Iftikhar, from the area’ police station negates that Usman is in police custody saying that thus far, FIR has not been lodged against Usman, however, the complainant party has submitted an application to the police. SHO Iftikhar said, that the complainants have maintained in their application that Usman had posted a blasphemous post on Facebook.

He clarified, that the post is about six months old and does not gives an impression of blasphemy. He explained that, it appears as if it is a case of personal clashes; where one party is trying to take revenge by heaping fake blasphemy accusations on the other.

SHO Iftikhar further stated that, an FIR will only be registered after the investigations. He said that police is carrying out thorough investigations into the case, if Usman is found guilty an FIR will be registered, otherwise, the application will be discarded.

“That day, a mob of Muslims gathered outside our house, they were chanting slogans that Usman will be dealt with severity, ” Usman’ wife explained while further disclosing that some of the mobsters were also demanding that the women inside Usman’ house should be brought out and be dishonored in the same way as, he has blasphemed.”

She said that from that instance, we were sure that they will accuse us of committing blasphemy. “I do not know the exact, cause of the dispute, but we have fled from our house, fearing for our lives and honor.”