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Sheikhupura: Christian student perishes of gruesome torture by police


A young Christian student of class 8th, Arslan Masih dies after police subjected him to ghastly torture, which resulted in his death. Arslan Masih son of Mushtaq Masih was lynched by the police men in front of 60 students. The heart wrenching incident unfolded on October 9, Sunday when the deceased was attending his academy classes.

Christians in Sheikhupura

Isaac tv reporter Saleem Iqbal revealed that Arslan Masih was lynched as a result of his denial to convert to Islam. He says that Arslan’s mother has verified the fact that few months back, Arslan’s class fellows pressurized him to convert to Islam. This proselytization proposal ended in a quarrel. Saleem Iqbal further reported that Arslan’s classmates had conspired against him and got him lynched at the hands of police.

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Previously, it was detailed that the incident took place when Arslan Masih was at his academy located in Jabhran village in District Sheikhupura. He was hooked by the police while he was at his academy, and was subjected to excruciating torture by at least six police men. Purportedly, he died on the spot; policemen later took his dead body to a clinic where the doctor pronounced him dead.

Reports emerged that the police left the dead body and fled from the scene. Shortly after the incident, local political leaders arrived at Arslan’s house in order to offer condolences. Arslan’s family along with Christian community is urging Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sahirf to take notice of the incident, and take action against the perpetrators.