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Sheikhupura: Christian sweeper shot dead for refusing to work on Sunday


A Pakistani Christian shot dead for refusing to work on Sunday. In keeping with details, 20-years-old Noman Munir Masih was gunned down because he had refused to clean the house of an influential local Muslim Daanu Chadder. British Pakistani Christian Association reports that Noman worked as a sweeper and was not willing to work on Sunday; that exasperated Daanu Chadder.

Christian sweeper killed in Sheikhupura

BPCA further revealed that Daanu Chadder was offended by the boldness of Noman. Daanu had allegedly threatened Noman that he would “break his legs and riddle his body with bullets.” Three days after the incident, two assailants sprayed bullets at Noman who succumbed to the injuries on the spot. Details emerged that Daanu Chaddar the prime suspect in this case has been arrested by the police. However, police have not brought murder charges against Daanu Chaddar.

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Noman Masih’s bereaved mother Khalida Bibi told Morning Star News that: They were about to leave after dropping off Noman when suddenly two motorcyclists arrived there. One of them whipped out a pistol and opened fire on Noman, killing him instantly.”

Remaking about the incident, Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the BPCA, said: “Christians are despised in Pakistan because their faith is believed to taint their very soul. Even touching one is believed to make Muslims ritually impure and in many places in Pakistan, Christians are forced to drink water from puddles and streams because they are denied access to clean water pumps.

“This latest murder of a cleaner adds to a growing list of similar murders, where Christian sweepers have refused to clean an area or have politely asked for a Muslim to move so that they can finish cleaning the road. Quite commonly the perpetrators are never found despite many witnesses, never charged despite clear evidence or never convicted, as families under duress agree to receive compensation in lieu of hurt caused by the murder.”