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Sheikhupura: Hacked Facebook account used to trap Christians in a fabricated blasphemy case


As it turns out, followed by a Christian entangled in blasphemy accusations, the entire Christian community of the area is threatened once again as it custom. It has been learnt that the agitated locals are threatening to burn houses of Christians in the area.

Misuse of blasphemy laws in Pakistan

Usman Liaquat a Christian resident of Nabi Pura area in District Sheikhupura was accused of posting blasphemous post on Facebook. He has been missing since being accused, while his wife suspects he is in police custody. On May 24, his wife contacted The Voice seeking their help. The Christian advocacy group, visited the area and disclosed few daunting on ground facts related to this case.

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It was learnt that on May 25, a blasphemy case was registered against Usman Liaquat. Reports are that tensions are on the higher side between the local Christians and Muslims. Six to seven people have been accused of committing blasphemy. A local Christian (his name was not revealed) told, The Voice that the root cause of this case is reprisal from the gang which posts humiliating photos of women, and used a hacked Facebook account against Christians.

He told the Voice Team that there is a gang operating in the area which comprises of Christian and Muslims men. This gang takes photos of girls and women and posts their photos online with disrespectful remarks. He went on to reveal that, Facebook account of a Christian namely, Asif Maish who was in the friends list of members of this gang; was hacked.

About six months back, the hacker posted blasphemous post using this account, “we all read the remarks and deleted them,” however, few Muslims saved the post and reported to the police. He said that few men from Dubai are also involved in this gang. He alleged that since he was in the friends list of the hacked account; same post appeared on his timeline also. He said that he and others deleted those posts and did not show them to anyone.

Moreover, wife of Usman Liaquat showed The Voice Team, reprehensible posts of the gang; which included dishonorable photos of the girls with humiliating remarks. She told that her husband has been working in an automobile company; he hardly has time to check his Facebook. But since some of the gang’ members were in his friends list; those shameful posts were shared on his timeline also.

While narrating the incident she told that on May 23, Sunday, Usman had a quarrel with these gang members as he was urging them to stop posting such unbearably filthy posts and comments about women and girls. The gang members started beating him, later on some of them approached the local police station and filed a blasphemy complaint against him.

Soon after the accusations, a charged mob attacked house of Usman Liaquat and chanted slogans demanding the women inside his house be brought out so they be humiliated publicly. This incident has generated fears among the local Christians as some of them have fled from their homes. The mobsters also threatened that house of all the Christians will be burned in order to teach Christians a lesson.