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Sheikhupura: Policeman bashes Christian man in brazen exhibit of barbarian cruelty


A meager Christian has been left severely injured after being thrashed by policeman. Falak Sher Masih, a meager Christian resident of Nabi Pura in District Sheikhupura. In line with details, Falak Sher was caught by the policeman while he was on his way to his sister’s house. They subjected him to excruciating torture.

Police beats a Christian in Punjab

According to Falak Sher he was seized without any cause; while the police men started beating him severely. As a result of the bashing, Falak Sher’s thumb of his left hand was fractured along with bruises. Later on, the policemen took him to a local landlord’s house.

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Afterwards, the policeman let Falak Sher go only after he paid him five thousand Pakistani Rupees. Following the barbarian cruelty, the family of the victim implored the SHO of the concerned police station for justice. They urged for action against the policeman who had subjected Falak Sher to agonizing torture and extracting money from him.

The destitute victim and his family are calling upon the government and higher authorities to take note of the incident and bring the perpetrator to justice. “We want justice,” they beseech the authorities. The incident has left the victim and his family in dire straits as they fear for reprisal from the policeman and his allies.