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Sheikhupura: Tensions between Christians and Muslims recede after Christian MPA’ intervention


Tensions between Christians and Muslims have receded owing to effecting mediation of the local police, a Christian activist Shahzad Nafat and efficacious intervention of the Christian lawmaker, Marry Gill. The incident took place in Kot Ranjeet Singh in Sheikhupura where a dispute arose between local Christians and Muslims on the occasion of Islamic festival Shab-e-Barat.

Christian MPA Marry Gill serving Christians in Pakistan

On the occasion of Islamic festival Shab-e-Baraat, some Muslim youngsters were playing with firecrackers. Some of them threw firecrackers in houses of local Christians. Irked by the nuisance, a local Christian namely John Masih asked the Muslim youth not to throw firecrackers in his house.

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However, few youngsters did not heed, and threw more firecrackers inside John Masih’ house. This caused a clash between the Muslim youth and the John Masih. The argumentation soon intensified and a clash arose between the local Muslim and Christians.

A local Muslim M. Alam started abusing John Masih, which worsened the situation. Seeing the deterioration situation, local Christians became afraid of violence and started fleeing from their houses anticipating an intensified conflict between Christians and Muslims. Some of the terrified Christians called a Christian activist Shahzad Nafat for help.

Shahzad Nafat informed the police about the worsening situation, while taking action against those inciting anti-Christian violence few Muslim youngsters. However, followed by the arrests, the Chairman of UC 44, requested Shahzad Nafat to settle the dispute and get the Muslim youth released. Both the leaders decided to accomplish a peach treaty.

For this reason a Puncahaiyat (local court) was held which was chaired by Shahzad Nafat and Riaz Virk, and a peace contract was agreed upon by the local Christians and Muslims. This whole incident was being monitored by Member of Punjab Assembly, Marry Gill who took special interest in the matter and made peace treaty possible between the Christians and Muslims.