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Sheikhupura: Vandals hurl “blasphemy” threats at a Christian family, eyeing their property


Christian advocacy group The Voice Society discloses that Pastor Michael and his family receive threats of fallacious blasphemy case by vandals on the pretext of a property dispute. The Christian family resident of Farooqabad, District Shiekhupura was earlier severely tortured in an attempt to force them to evacuate their house.

Christian persecution in Pakistan

In its report The Voice Society had previously reported that on October 19, “Abdul Hameed Gadhi, his sons Sajawal and Babar Gadhi along with about 50 people attacked house of a Pastor named Michael Robert at Mohallah Saddiqabad, city Farooqabad District Sheikhupura.” His family including Father Robert Masih, Younis Masih, mother Surraiya Robert, wife Shakeela Bibi were present inside the house at the time of attack.

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“All the men in the house got severely injured and received head injuries along with injuries in their back, legs and arms but unfortunately police did not let the actual medical report to be made,” TVS reveals.

The attack resulted following a property dispute between the Christian family and Hameed Gadhi others about two years ago. The house now used by Pastor Michael and family was fraudulently sold again by the previous owner to the Hameed Gadhi group. The previous owner of the house had sold the house initially to Pastor Michael’s father later sold the same house to Hameed Gadhi.

Ensuing TVS’s legal assistance to the victims, an FIR (First Information report) was registered next day. Nonetheless, the respondents Abdul Hameed Gadhi and his accomplices were provided a chance to apply for a pre-arrest bail. Following the pre-arrest bail petitions were filed, the vandals purportedly threatened Pastor Michael and his family. They warned them of filing blasphemy case against them if they do not withdraw from the house.

The Voice Society reports that in the presence of the SHO (Station House Officer) and several lawyers including the Voice team Abdul Hameed and his fellows threatened that if the house is not vacated by the Christians, they will have no other option but to file false blasphemy charges against them.