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Sheikhupura’s Christian teen relentlessly beaten over arm wrestling defeat


18-year-old Pakistani Christian was brutally beaten by a gang of Muslims, over arm wrestling match. The incident unfolded on August 2, when the victim Vishal Masih, resident of Nabipur village in Sheikhupura District landed into trouble after he repeatedly defeated a Muslim boy in arm wrestling matches.

Pakistani Christian beaten

Details emerged that just a day before the incident; Vishal defeated a Muslim boy in arm wrestling match. The boy belonged to an influential family. Several defeats incensed the boy who started verbally abusing Vishal and Christian community saying that how could a boy from dirty community defeat him. “A Choora (a derogatory word used for Christians) defeats a Muslim is unbearable, I will teach him a lesson.”

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As soon as the match was over, Vishal left for his house. While he was on his way, a gang chased him and started beating him. The assailants brutally beat him, afterwards attacked his house beating his family members too. Local elders intervened and got the matter settled for some time. It was after few days that Khalaq Virk, Hassnain Virk and Mehboob Alam along their accomplices launched another attack and almost killed Vishal.

Vishal survived the attack; however the attackers left him thinking he was dead. After some time, the attackers kidnapped Vishal who was critically injured. They kept him at his residence and beat him third time, leaving him in critical condition. After being beaten three times, injured Vishal was taken to the hospital where he was admitted.

Vishal’s family reported the incident at local police station, despite the fact that the assailants and their family is continuously pressurized Vishal’s family to withdraw their complaint. The Virk family also tried to harass and threaten Vishal’s family saying that they would face dire consequences if they did not withdraw police complaint.

A local Churchman Pastor Mushtaq told International Christian Council: “The Christian community is already living in a constant fear and these sorts of incidents develop insecurity and detachment from this Islamic country or society which is sad to note.”