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Sheikhupura Police Averts Charged Mob – Awais Qamar Saved From Blasphemy Accusation


Awais Qamar and his wife

Yesterday, a Christian man named Awais Qamar and his wife and been accused of blasphemy. They had been using a panaflex with names and logos of different universities and colleges as a floor mat. Allegedly there was a Quranic verse written on it.

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This was reported to the local imam and a charged mob gathered and started beating them to death.
Sheikhupura police on the command of DPO Sohail Zafar Chattha averted another tragedy from happening. A Face book post by the DPO yesterday read,

“SP Jawad and ASP Zubair reached the spot before I arrived. My direction to them was categorical: save the couple at any cost even if you shoot the perpetrators.”

Awais Qamar and his wife were saved and taken to a safe place. The local imam tried to instigate the mob but was arrested. The gathering demanded an FIR to be lodged against the couple but it was refused by the Sheikhupura police.

The couple has now been handed over to notables from the Christian community.