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Shopkeeper Jailed for Life Imprisonment Under Blasphemy Law


A court verdict sentenced a shopkeeper to life imprisonment under the blasphemy law on Thursday.

Shopkeeper Jailed for Life Imprisonment Under Blasphemy Law
Shopkeeper Jailed for Life Imprisonment Under Blasphemy Law


Malik Mohammad Farooq was blamed for tearing up a banner which was emblazoned with the name of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), Kalma Tayyaba, Darood Sharif and a picture of Kaaba in January 2013 in Qayyumabad. The co-accused was acquitted due to absence of evidence.

Additional District and Sessions Judge (east) Nadeem Ahmed Khan also levied a fine of Rs50,000 and in case of non-payment the prisoner would have to go through an additional six-month. imprisonment.

The court observed that three key hearing witnesses in its verdict, including accuser, firmly testified against suspected Farooq and in spite of being subjected to extensive cross-examination their proofs remained strong.

The suspect took the appeal in his defense that he was trapped in the case since he had a quarrel with the management of a mosque next to to his shop. The court, however, ruled that the suspect did not provide any proof to validate his claim.

The case of the co-accused was on a different foothold as two of the three spectators did not say anything about his involvement and the accuser stated that the area people had informed him that the co-accused fled after he committed the offence from the place at that time.

The court further said that the accuser also testified that he did not see the co-accused and was not certain about his connection in the case. The hearing therefore failed to establish its case against the co-accused, the verdict added.

According to the hearing, the key accused and accuser Syed Tahir Hussain Shah had shops next to to a mosque in Qayyumabad and the suspect along with his friend had torn up a banner and thrown it in a dustbin on Jan 16, 2013. The area people seized Farooq, beat him up and handed him over to police along with the banner while the co-accused succeeded to escape. Later he was also taken under custody, it further added.