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Sialkot: A Christian girl beaten to death in rancorous honor killing


A 23-year-old, Christian killed his own sister Anam Izhaq Masih, in vicious honor killing in the small hours of Sunday, June 12. The victim was purportedly insisting upon marrying a man of her choice, which was unacceptable to the family. This is a rare incident of Christian honor killing in Pakistan.

Christian girl killed by her brother in Sialkot

The murderer Saqib Izhaq Masih smashed Anam’ head with a wooden log as she was asleep. Anam, who was in her late teens, was interested in marrying her Christian neighbor. While speaking in this regard, the police official-in-charge of concerned police station, Rana Zulfiqar told the media, that “Saqib Ishaq Masih, 23, killed his sister by smashing her head with a wooden log while she was sleeping.”

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“The girl, named Anum Ishaq Masih, was in her late teens and wanted to marry a Christian neighbor but the family was against the marriage,” he explained. He said that Saqib is in police custody and due action will be taken against him. He further told, that the situation became worse when a day before her murder, Anam infuriated Saqib by insisting to marry her neighbor.

Anam’ father had filed a police compliant against his son Saqib, consequently, an FIR of the gruesome murder was registered including charges of murder. A Pakistani Christian activist, Shamaun Gill remarked that “It has nothing to do with religion but is part of a social issue that is deeply rooted in eastern societies.” He said that the blight of ‘honor’ killings is very uncommon among the Christian community in Pakistan, but not absent.