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Sialkot: Christian viciously burnt alive over money matter


A 45 year old Pakistani Christian man has been viciously burnt alive over money matter. Ameen Masih was purportedly torched by Muhammad Usman, Asim Ali, Yasir Bajwa and Shehran on Tuesday April 4, 2017. Ameen was brutally beaten just a day before he was lynched by the four men.

Persecution of Christians in Pakistan

On April 3, alleged murderers Muhammad Usman, Asim Ali, Yasir Bajwa and Shehran stormed into Ameen’s house, started beating him with cricket bats and sticks, and afterwards dragged him out of his house as they were continuously threatening to kill him if he failed to pay the installment amount. Ameen had reportedly, bought electronic appliances from Afzal Electronics and Shehran Electronics on installments.

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These goods were worth 350,000 Rupees, therefore in line with contract Ameen was bound to pay a monthly installment of 18,000 Rupees. Ameen was unable to pay monthly installments therefore he sold the appliances to pay the debt to the two shopkeepers.

Details emerged that on April 4, after midnight four men locked Ameen Masih, in his own house and burnt him to death; for not paying the installments for the electronic appliances he had bought from the shops. Ameen’s family claims that the four men trapped him inside his room and set the room on fire. The four men stayed outside the room in order to prevent anyone from helping Ameen escape from the room.

Ameen Masih’s family informed the police seeking their help, as the murderers fled from the scene meanwhile. In a bid to save his life, Ameen neighbors and family members were able to break through the walls of the room only to witness his dead body.

After the police arrived at the scene, they shifted Ameen’s dead body to Government Allama Iqbal Memorial Teaching Hospital in Sialkot where autopsy was to be carried out. Later on, Ameen Masih was laid to rest same day in the evening.

Police have reportedly arrested Asim Ali, Yasir Bajwa obtained a pre-arrest bail while Muhammad Usman and Shehran went into hiding. The investigating officer in this case revealed that Shehran’s family has pledged to present him before the police whenever he returns home.

Rakhil Bibi, wife of Ameen Masih told CLAAS team that it will now be extremely hard for her to make both ends meet as she now bears the responsibility of raising her three children all alone. CLAAS revealed that Rakhil Bibi was in a state of shock; while her children were also traumatized as they all had to witness the heinous murder of their loved one.