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Sialkot: Christians and Muslims celebrate interfaith harmony


Christians and Muslims celebrate interfaith harmony during an inter-religious harmony event. This event was held at Hunter Memorial Church Hunter Pura Sialkot and was organized in collaboration of Dioceses of Sialkot and Pakistan Council for Social Welfare and Human Rights.

Diocese of Sialkot

This ceremony was attended by Lord Mayor of Nottingham City UK Mohammad Saghir, Chairman Pakistan Council for Social Welfare and Human Right & HR, Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Noori, Zonal Khateeb Gujranwala Division Moulana Abdul Ghafoor Noori, at the same time prominent local Christians including Emmanuel K Gill and notable Muslim leaders.

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While addressing the audience Bishop of Sialkot Rt. Rev. Alwin Samuel and other Christian leaders warmly welcomed the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Chairman PCSW & HR Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Noori, Zonal Khateeb and others Muslims leaders at Hunter Memorial Church. At this occasion, media representatives were also present.

Before the ceremony kicked started, the honorable guests Lord Mayor of Nottingham City UK Mohammad Saghir, Chairman PCSW&HR Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Noori, Bishop of Sialkot Rt. Rev. Alwin Samuel, Moulana Abdul Ghafoor Noori, Director PCSW&HR Ch. Muhammad Ijaz and others addressed the media and brought various national and international issues on inter-religious harmony under consideration.

They talked about issues related to inter-cultural harmony, promotion of social tolerance and minorities affairs. They also laid great emphasis on the contribution of the overseas Pakistanis. The honorable guests also took up the issue of Constitutional rights of Minorities in Pakistan. They said that immediate actions must be done in order to make the religious minorities feel safe and secure, curb religion-based discrimination and dispensation of equal rights to the minorities in the country.

Bishop of Sialkot Rt. Rev. Awin Samuel while addressing the ceremony said that he welcomes all at the ceremony. He said that it was possibly the first time that Christian and Muslim leaders have met at a church in Silakot. He thanked the PCSW&HR Chairman Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Noori and Diocese of Sialkot for being instrumental in organizing this ceremony. He extended gratefulness to Lord Mayor of Nottingham City UK for attending the ceremony.

He lauded the participants saying that their presence at the event, has upheld the concept of peaceful and stringer Pakistani society. He said that he believed, that Christians and Muslims have to recognize and discern the religious values of each other. He said that the both the communities believed in “one God, the only God, who is all justice and all mercy; we believe in the importance of prayer, of fasting, almsgiving, of repentance and of pardon; we believe that God will be a merciful judge to us all at the end of time, and we hope that after the resurrection He will be satisfied with us and we know that we will be satisfied with him.” We should recognize and respect our differences he asserted.

“Those are the important differences which we can accept with humility and respect, in mutual tolerance; this is a mystery about which, I am certain, God will one day enlighten us. I believe that today, God invites us to change our old practices. We must respect each other, and we must stimulate each other in good works on the path of God.