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Sialkot Convention: A time-honored praxis of Pakistani Christians


Sialkot convention- the time honored praxis of Pakistani Christians is known worldwide. Christians from across the country and worldwide attend this convention held each year in Sialkot. Its history dates back to pre-Pakistan era, when Sub-continent was under British Rule.

Presbyterian Church in Pakistan

Sialkot convention was held for the first time in 1904, and is a continuing tradition since then. Initially the meetings were organized and attended by the Presbyterian denomination but, later, in 1906, the convention meetings were opened to all denominations, not just the Presbyterians.

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The conventions were started in order to minister to the spiritual needs of local Christians because the lives of Christians in Punjab and India were not in line with the Biblical standards. In order to bring about a spiritual revival among local Christians, the Presbyterian Mission started holding the convention and decided to hold these meetings in Sialkot.

Watch Sialkot Convention Documentary (Documentary credit Eric Sarwar)