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Sialkot: Abducted deaf-mute Christian girl forced into conversion faces death threats after she broke away from captivity


Asma Masih a Pakistani Christian woman faces the brunt of extremism as death threats are being hurled at her following her forced conversion. Asma who was purportedly abducted about five months ago, was forced to convert by her abductor after forced into marriage with him. Her parents claimed she was taken away by their neighbor Ghulam Hussain who enjoys an influential status in the locality.

Pakistani Christian girls forced to convert after abduction

According to CLAAS report Asma resident of Sialkot, is reportedly deaf and dumb, managed to escape from her abductor’s captivity recently and arrived home. Nonetheless, after knowing that Asma is living with her family her abductor has started hurling death threats at her if she does not returns. Moreover, Muslim clerics have issued a decree in this regard that Aysha (which is Asma’s Islamic name after conversion) cannot live with her Christian family because she is not a Christian anymore.

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Advocate Hafiz Ateeq ur Rehman, Asma’s defense counsel says that he has submitted an application to DPO (District police officer) Sialkot, nonetheless no action is taken regarding this case. He further disclosed that Asma was abducted by Ghulam Hussain about four to five months back. Gulzar Masih father of Asma hails from a meager background and so is unable to challenge Ghulam Hussain.

He further disclosed that fortunately, Asma managed to break away from Ghulam Hussain’s captivity and returned home. Ghulam Hussain is now threatening Gulzar Masih to hand her back, as Asma was now his wife, therefore she cannot live with Christians.

Following threats, Gulzar Masih approached the local police station only to be pressurized to return Asma back to Ghulam. Gulzar Masih claims that the police officer on duty after listening to his complaint, started pressurizing him to return his daughter to her husband Ghulam Hussain. In a bid to harass the Christian family, Gulzar Masih’s son-in-law was detained by the police but was later released.

In his desperation, Gulzar Masih finally approached Advocate Hafiz Ateeq ur Rehman for legal assistance. Gulzar Masih told Advocate Hafiz Ateeq ur Rehman that his daughter Asma is not willing to go to Ghulam Hussain. After the petition was filed by him, an inquiry officer has been appointed to conduct investigations into the case. The court has also directed the inquiry officer to present a detailed report over the case.