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Sign the petition for Asia Bibi


Jesus Christ  Yesa Mashi,

He Gave Up His life for you What would you Give up for Him?

Asia Bibi A women form Pakistan. A wife a mother and a Beautiful Family Made all are on line. When confronted her by her co workers about her Faith. She has crocus speck these words.

Our Christ sacrifice his life on Cross for our sins. Our Christ is alive those words Change every thing.

For Asia Bibi things turn to roll upside down. On June 19 2009 Asia were Arrested and taken form her husband and two daughters. On January 4, 2010, she was given a trial and sentences for the death plenty she has applied. Her family extensionally prayers for her release.

She is still in prison waiting to hear the high court’s ruling.

Her life is on the line but we as brothers and sisters in Christ Have a voice and with God we can achieve even the impossible Go to Call for mercy right now and sign up the petition for Asia Bibi immediate release. A few minutes of your time could save her for her life. I’m not asking you to rescues life, I’m asking you answer the Call. The call for mercy


We ask and request you to please remember her in your prayers and keep Shearing this page with you friends and Family members. Feel her pain that what  she is going through