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Simien Xavier- An extraordinarily talented young Pakistani musician


Simien Xavier

Simien Xavier, was born on 24 of November 1986 in Karachi. He received early education from St.Paul’s High School, went on to study Bachelors In Business Administration from Iqra University and attained a Masters In Business Administration from Szabist.

Simien’s elder brother Shallum Xavier’s immense musical skills inspired him from an early age. Shallum who is Pakistan’s leading guitarist became his guitar instructed and taught him to produce music. Simien, as he says, has learnt a lot by listening to various artists and bands from the beginning. “Learning is a never ending process, I still am exploring and have a long long way to go,” he asserts.

His ascending career kicked off from his band OPUS in 2010 and his debut video “Pal Bhar” was released soon. When Opus instigated, Tahir Aly Shah was on lead vocals with Salman Ali on drums, Roydon D’Mello on bass guitar, Shaleem Mall on Rhythm Guitar and Shezad Markus on KeyboardsShortly he joined Najam Sheraz, who is a renowned Pakistani singer. He started performing live with him across Pakistan.So far, Simien has released three videos which are:
1 Pal bhar by OPUS
2 Feed the World by Shallum Xavier and Simien Xavier
3 Chor de by Simien Xavier

Ever since he stepped into the industry, he has been producing and composing music for various artists apart from playing guitar for them. Later in, 2013, he bonded with Qaiser Zain Ul Abideen-one of the best drummers in Pakistan, Ali Maaz- one of the best bassist in Pakistan and Joshua Keith Benjamin- one of the best keyboard players around.

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Simien, together with Qaiser, Ali and Joshua travelled extensively and performed live with various acts including Falak, Quratulain Balouch ,Jarar Malik and Faisal Ali Khan.

Simien has played guitar with some of the mainstream artist of Pakistani music industry like Najam Sheraz, Quratulain Balouch, Fuzon, Sohail Haider, Zain ul Abideen, Kumail Murtaza, Kaya, Natasha Beyg, Aliya Chinoy, Cheap Monks, Falak Shabbir, Nigel Bobby, Opus, Asim Azhar , Alicia Dias , Sara Haider and many others.

He further points out to Joshua Fernandes, Zeeshan Pervaiz, Lenny Massey, Bradley D’souza, John Saville, S.B.John, Glenn Silverious John and Nazar Lalani as influential musicians who helped him pave a way forward for him. Lastly, he says, “My friends Roydon D’Mello, Mukhtar Ali, Eshban Fazal and Christopher Steven have been instrumental in always motivating and supporting me in my ambitions and not forgetting my family has always stood beside me. Those who I have missed I apologize but you all helped in some way or the other.”

Currently, he is working at his brother Shallum Xavier’s Production House called PointOneThree Productions. Moreover, he also vigorously freelances for other studios and artists. Presently, he is working with stupendous musicians Jason Anthony- one of the best drummers of Pakistan, Arnold Andrews –his bassist and Rozario Fernandes on the vocals.

Simien not only produces commercial music but is also serving the Lord by producing Gospel music. He recorded a Gospel hymn with Nigel Bobby another talented classically trained vocalist. He hopes to produce more hymns in collaboration with Nigel.

Previously he has reproduced “Chor de” an old hymn while working in collaboration with Kashif Chaman one of the best percussionist around. He says, “I reproduced “Chor de” to spread its message for everyone regardless of which religion they belong.” “It was Roydon D’Mello an emerging photographer who shot the Video for Chor De,”he explained. Additionally Simien has worked with Shezad Markus in most of his Gospel Hymn’s productions.

While talking about his inspirations, he says, “My brother has been my inspiration, guidance and support. When I was growing up I use to see him work really hard for many hours daily on his playing. I use to go to his concerts and I guess I picked it up from there.”

“My aspirations are to make music on positivity and unity that can bring people together regardless of what religion they belong. We are all equal Human Beings.
I also want to make music that would highlight social issues. And people who are suffering and those who are not given much attention like physically and mentally challenged people,” he said while muse over

“We are all lost in our individual betterment and growth. And thereby tend to forget the purpose of our existence. We can be a light for the ones in the shadow.

“With faith and optimism I believe we can all work together as a family and try and help and bring a smile on those who are in need… I hope we can all work along and do our bit for the society,” he concluded.