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Sindh and Punjab hotspots of religious persecution says Christian lawmaker


Christian lawmaker Asiya Nasir has strongly censured nurturing of religion-based persecution of non-Muslims in Sindh and Punjab. Hailing from JUF, Asiya Nasir said that non-Muslims are feeling insecure all the while whereas Punjab and Sindh are the hotspots of religious persecution. She said that religious minorities in Baluchistan are relatively secured.

Religion based persecution in Pakistan

In a talk show aired on a private news channel Member of National Assembly Asiya Nasir said that under current circumstances non-Muslim Pakistanis feel shaky. Terrorism and religious extremism are breeding social and religious intolerance in the society. Non-Muslim Pakistanis are facing the brunt of the religious and social intolerance. Minorities are being sidelined and down trodden- Christians are being specifically targeted in Punjab and Hindus are being singled out in Sindh.

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At this occasion, Lal Chand who hails from Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaaf said that the biggest issue of non-Muslim Pakistanis is religious intolerance. Government is reluctant to pay attention to the issues of religious minorities. He heaped condemnation on two of the mainstream political parties Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz have taken no significant steps to legislate in order to thwart forced conversions of Christian and Hindu girls in Punjab and Sindh.

Pakistan People’s Party’s Senator Gayan Chand said that religious minorities are insecure in their own homeland. PML-N’s Ramesh Singh Arora said that religious minorities in Sindh are facing more persecution; they should be bestowed with equal and constitutional rights as Pakistani citizens.