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Sindh High Court Legitimizes Forced Conversion And Marriage Of A 12-Year-Old Hindu Girl With A Muslim Man


KARACHI: A High Court legitimizes forced conversion and marriage of minority girl with a Muslim man.

Sindh High Court disappoints minorities
Sindh High Court disappoints minorities

According to fides, members of Christian and Hindu communities faced a lot of disappointment when a local High Court in the SIndh province in effect legitimized the forced conversion to Islam and marriage of a minor Hindu girl with a well-off Muslim man. As reported by Fides, the man Riaz Sial married the 12-year-old Hindu girl Angeli Maghward, after converting her to Islam.

However, later on the girl’s indignant parents filed a complaint as they maintained that their daughter was underage and was “forcibly converted”. While hearing the case the High Court in fact, established the legitimacy of all remarking that the agreement signed between Riaz Sial and 12-year-old Angeli was seen as valid.

As a reaction to this incident, local minorities communities including Hindus and Christians were protesting against the incident but faced huge disappointment. A Christian lawyer and activist said “We have no problem to admit the legitimacy of a conversion to another faith, on the basis of free will, or to admit a marriage based on free consent. But when someone is kidnapped, forcibly converted and forced to marry, it is difficult to ask minorities and human rights activists for peace and tranquillity”.