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Singapore: Teenage blogger imprisoned for insulting Christianity and Islam


Singaporean authorities jail a 17-year-old teenage boy Amos Yee for “wounding the feelings of Muslims and Christians” in a series of YouTube videos he had posted. His videos had flared condemnation from the United Nations as well. The teenager has been sentenced to six weeks behind the bars.

Singaporean teenager jailed for insulting Christians

The blogger has been jailed for six weeks and fined $2,000 as he was indicted of six charges including intending to wound the feelings of Muslims, Christians. Previously, he was sentenced to four weeks in jail last year over a video in which he compared former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew to Hitler and Jesus.

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Principal District Judge Ong Hian Sun said that Amos had “deliberately elected to do harm by using offensive and insulting words and profane gestures to hurt the feelings of Christians and Muslims. His contemptuous and irreverent remarks have the tendency to generate social unrest and undermine the religious harmony in our society.”

In case Amos fails to pay the fine, he will be spending 10 more days in the jail. His sentence will commence from October 13. Defense counsel of Amos maintained that his client had admitted a lack of “intellectual ability to discuss religion” and a “shallowness of thoughts in respect of both Christianity and Islam.”

Bloggers’ YouTube channel, contains four derogatory videos under the tab of “Religion Horrors.” These four videos include two entitled “Refuting Islam With Their Own Quran” and “Refuting Christians With Their Own Christian Bible” and “Responding to the Bullshit of Christians.”