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Slovakia to grant asylum to 149 Christians from Iraq


Iraqi Christians

Slovakia to accept 49 Christian refugees from Iraq, amid refugee crisis in Europe.

In line with details, Slovakia had decided to grant asylum to a group of 149 battered Christians who hail Iraq, and are living in constant fears and threats posed by extremism being committed by the terror group Islamic State.

In this regard the Interior Minister of Slovakia, Robert Kalinak has verified that 25 families of Christians from Iraq will arrive in Slovakia in next few days. The Interior Minister further said that “they would lose their lives if we didn’t help them.”

Once these Christian families from Iraq enter into Slovakia, they will in the beginning be made to take shelter in a centre in eastern Slovakia. In this regard, the Catholic Church in Slovakia has decided to be of assistance so that these refugees could be incorporated into the Slovakian society which is for the most part Roman Catholic.

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In the wake of recent refugee crisis which has gripped Europe, causing great upheaval in the Western countries. Seeing the rising, acts of terrorism in Europe, Slovakia has already been among those European countries which are opposing the European Union’s plan to settle about 120,000 asylum seekers pouring in from Middle East and other countries, under a quota system.

Moreover, the Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico is also preparing to lodge an official complaint against it at an EU court in Luxembourg.