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Slums home to large Christian population are a threat to Muslim population of Islamabad says CDA


Pakistani Christians

Capital Development Authority (CDA) in a statement has presented a ridiculous reason for continuing the demolishing drive of slums which are inhabited by Christians predominantly.

Keeping in line with details, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has used an shameful justification for its slum razing drive. In a reply to the Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding its continued drive to demolish the slum, Capital Development Authority claimed that the incursion of poor Christians from all parts of the country, could lead to “demographic problems.”

In a reply in the slums (katchi abadis) case in the Supreme Court the CDA stated, “it is necessary to identify the fact that most katchi abadis (slums) are under the occupation of the Christian community and have shifted from across the country and occupied government land so boldly it has been allotted to them and it seems this pace of occupation of land may affect the Muslim majority of the capital.”

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Moreover, the reply submitted by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in the Supreme Court, CDA also maintained that these slums (katchi abadis) disfigure the image of several sectors of the capital.

CDA claimed that these slums make some of the sectors of Islamabad look a lot like ugly villages, while arguing that Islamabad was once listed amongst of the most beautiful cities in the world.

While presenting several other arguments which go against basic rights of citizens, CDA asserts that keeping its arguments in mind; it has become inevitable to demolish the (slums) katchi abadis to give a better milieu to the residents of Islamabad. By doing so the beauty of the capital city could be protected, while at the same time the land belonging to state will be set free from illegal encroachment.

CDA also called upon the Apex Court to give its consent to the demolishing of these slums (katchi abadis) which fall within the limits of the federal capital, Islamabad. CDA further urged the Supreme Court to endorse this drive so that the illegal occupants of these slums would return to their hometowns.