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Snake Pastor drives car over congregants claiming he demonstrated the power of God


The controversial Snake Pastor is once again in the news as his ministry has publicized recent photographs showing the pastor driving a car over his congregants. Previously, he has been in the news for feeding his congregants with live snakes and faced a strong backlash for it.

Controversial pastor drives car over his congregents

The End Times Disciples Ministries in Soshanguve, South Africa posted photos of the act on the official Facebook page. Pastor Penuel Mnguni could be seen in a sequence of photos which showed the pastor conducting a so-called “demonstration of power” by driving his car over his sleeping congregants.

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The ministry’ Facebook post read, “Congregants witnessed the power of God. The man of God prophet Penuel demonstrated the power of God by running over two members of the congregants: He commanded both of the members to sleep followed by moving the car over them.”

The pictures were purportedly taken, on Friday night, Pastor Mnguni can be seen in the driving seat of a blue car; driving over cardboard placed on top of the “sleeping” congregants. It was further explained that after he drove his car on top of them, he commanded them to wake up meanwhile the car still on top of their bodies.

It was explained in the post, “He then asked them if they felt any pain. And their response was ‘We do not feel anything.'” The post further claims that before he drove off the congregants they started dancing and praising God, while other congregants were witnessing the feat.

After the pastor reversed the car and backed off the congregants, the post claims that the congregants began dancing and praising God along with other congregants who witnessed the ordeal. “He taught about the power and the ability of the Spirit (God). As noted in Mark 16:16 ‘to those who believe, they shall be saved and those rejecting this power would perish,’” the post reads.