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Social Media’s Ignorance Of The Plight Of Religious Minorities


A Pakistani Muslim writes about the greatly popular fake protest on social media strongly criticizing social media’s inscience towards religious minorities in Pakistan.


Social media ignores religious minorities' plight
Social media ignores religious minorities’ plight

In his letter to a national newspaper he condemns social media’s ignorance of religious minorities being targeted and killed while all the more messages condemning Israel’s attack on Gaza are being publicised; terming drive campaign as “Social media’s fake protest”

A copy of his letter is presented below:


Social media is full of messages condemning Israel’s attack on Gaza. I have one question for these newly awakened consciences.

Where were you when the fanatics were killing minorities, Shias and people from other denominations in Pakistan? Where were you when mosques, shrines, churches, temples and other places of worship were being bombed and burned to ashes? We could not see any effort to catch the culprits hiding among ourselves. There was no protest for people being targeted and killed in the name of blasphemy and honour.

Therefore, first things first. Come clean on what is happening around you rather than raising hollow slogans for the Gazans living thousands of kilometres away.

Remember, charity begins at home.

Masood Khan


Saudi Arabia