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Socio-economic Conditions of Christians in Lahore, Pakistan-Business


In the last section business prospect will be explored about the Christians community of Lahore, where their percentage share involvement in business, nature of businesses and willingness to start a business will be explored. Firstly involvement of Christians in business is examined, where result of this query is very shocking as just 1.15% of the Christians families are involved running their own business while rest of the Christians families 98.85%do not have any business. Nations dominate others on the basis of their business and economic influence while here in this research it has been found that very few numbers of Christians are involved in business affairs so have less influence on the economic decisions of the region and country and have less policy involvement.

Secondly nature of the businesses is determined where out of the 1.15% of the Christian families mostly doing their business in real estate having 30%. While some other businesses i.e. Beauty salon, departmental stores, textile, fruit and vegetables and etc. have mixed trend.

Thirdly in this section it has been determined that whether Christian people wanted to do business in future. Results indicate that 60% of the Christian families are willing to do a business but due to lack of financial resources, human capital and social discriminations they are unable to do so. While 40% Christians don’t want to start their own.
This section fortifies that in business sector of Lahore just 1.15% of the Christian people are involved in business and majority of them doing jobs, but they are willing to start business but due to lack of resources are not capable to do so. Financial, social and skilled constraints are appearing as hurdles in their way.