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Socio-economic Conditions of Christians in Lahore, Pakistan-Education


In Pakistan a person is considered as literate when he/she is able to read and write. In this study firstly we will consider that a person can write and read after having education up to primary (5th standard) or above as also used by the Punjab development statistics. According to this survey literacy rate of Christians in Lahore is 70% which is quit higher as compared to Christian population in other cities of Pakistan. This figure of 70% literacy rate also justifies the overall literacy rate of Lahore which is 74% (Punjab Development Statistics 2011). Literacy rate of Christians in Lahore is better having value 70% but if we look at the structure of literacy rate selection it starts from 5th standard which is very low and not according to the current high tech and progressing world standards.

If we change the criteria for literacy rate selection and say that an individual is literate who has the qualification up to 10th standard/class or above, then astonishing results emerge where literacy rate of Christians in Lahore appears 29% having very high illiterate people about 71% and will further deplete if selection criteria for literate people rises. Diverting the attentions that in the field of education Christians need to stimulate their attitude, they cannot progress without education.

If we specify the literacy rate of Christians on gender basis we see that Christian male literacy rate is higher as compare to female literacy rate. Literacy rate of Christian male is 58% while literacy rate of female is 42%.

On the basis of sample size, if we talk about the literate people and their educational composition, the results are un-expected. In Lahore the percentage of PhD, master and graduate individuals is 0.38%, 3% and 9% respectively. Below stated figure elucidates the educational composition of Christian literate people in Lahore.