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Socio-economic Conditions of Christians in Lahore, Pakistan-Income


In this segment income provision of Christians will be explored. Survey explains that the average monthly income of a family (average five individuals) is 12,333 rupees ($138) while Per-capita daily income in a family is $0.92 (82 rupees) that is well below the poverty line defined by World Bank which is $1.25.

Distribution of the monthly income is also explored which highlights that out of this monthly income 67% of the individuals spend higher proportion on food items, 21% individuals spend greater amount of their monthly income on utility bills and rents, while just 9% of the individuals have greater expenditures for education purposes and 3% of the individuals spend high proportion of budget on other factors (medical, transport etc.).These results reflect low level of income earned by the Christians in Lahore and are not sufficient for their needs. Most of the income is used for food purposes while very less is utilized on education and which is major concern for Christian community.