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Socio-economic Conditions of Christians in Lahore, Pakistan-Introduction


Socioeconomic condition is a combination of economic and sociological factors determined by the education, work experience, occupation, income, and family structure of individuals living at a specific locality. In order to analyze the socioeconomic conditions, above stated imperative factors are examined.

No country or nation can progress without targeting/focusing these socioeconomic determinants. Keeping in view need of the hour this meticulous study tries to address the situation of such mentioned factors which are ignored and neglected by the decision makers (Public and private entrepreneurs) in Christian society of Lahore, Pakistan. This study also attempts to provide useful and effective information for policy makers to come forward and play their part. In Pakistan Christian community covers 2% of the total population and is the largest minority in Pakistan [Punjab Development Statistics 2010].

Specifically taking about the share of Christian population in Lahore it gets the value of 2.81% of total Lahore population, Christian population in Lahore is about 0.5 million [Punjab Development Statistics 2011]. Lahore is regarded as among the most populated area of Christians in Punjab.

It is also considered that socioeconomic conditions of Christians in Lahore are better as compared to other cities of Pakistan. This specific study tries to address this issue of key socioeconomic variables to scrutinize the circumstances. It is for the first time that an extensive and profound survey is carried out. This survey enlightens effective contribution towards the information analysis of Christian community residing in Lahore.

This research upshots some unusual and astonishing facts. Research is based on micro-data analysis where for information acquisition a questionnaire is formulated and distributed in 10 renowned and populated Christian localities in Lahore (i.e. Youhannabad, Marium Colony, Bahar Colony, Mehar Town, FC College Christian Colony, Work shop Walton, Dhala near Bahar Colony, Samnabad, 7up Colony and LDA quarters Lahore). For the collection of data Stratified sampling technique is utilized on the basis of varying population size within the population.

Stratification is the process of dividing members of the population into homogeneous subgroups before sampling. Churches and volunteers are approached for the distribution and collection of questioners. Scope of the study elucidates that data is collected from above 403 families having average family size approximating to 5 individuals; sample size which is considered in this survey is 403 families having 1723 individuals. Out of total sample percentage of male and female Christian individuals is 52 and 48 respectively.

This survey is carried out under the platform of Khristos Enterprises International. For data analysis conventional tools of average, percentage and graphical representation are carried out.

Important socioeconomics variables which discussed in this study are education, population structure, labor force, structure and nature of jobs, income and business situations. Significance of these factors is not only important for the present generation but it also affects the living conditions of future age group.

Therefore it becomes evitable to address these issues. These factors not only have their individual identity but also correlated with each other e.g. higher income leads to better education and living conditions and better education direct higher income and living standards.

In next section these stated factors are judged one by one on the basis of data analysis, then it is constructed that whether socioeconomic conditions of Christian of Lahore are better or worse.