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Socio-economic Conditions of Christians in Lahore, Pakistan-Population Structure


If we talk about the population structure of Christians of Lahore, this study indicates that average family size is five individuals having maximum 10 individual in a family and minimum 2 individual in a family. Percentage comparison of male and female gender represents that male have greater share of Christian population in Lahore (52%) while female gender has 48% share.

Age structure of Christians is also examined in this research where they have distributed in four categories; first category has age ranging from 15 years and below, second category is 16-30 years, third class has age limit from 31-45 years and lastly fourth category has age ranging from 46 and above. This distribution is made in order to capture the strength of young people in Christian community of Lahore. Results illuminate that 25% of the Christian population in Lahore has age limit from 15 and below, 38% of the Christians has age from 16-30 years, Christian people having age limit from 31-45 years are 24% in numbers, while just 13% of the population is above 45 years. These upshots indicate that Christian people of Lahore has higher percentage share of young people and has greater potential to be explored.

This specific study has also investigated the percentage share of working people in Christian community represented as labor force with age limit from 16years to 60years. Outcome of this factor fortifies that 71% of the population has age limit between 16 and 60 years. Highlighting that Christian community of Lahore has tremendous amount of labor force which can be used in productive and effective way.