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Socio-economic Conditions of Christians in Lahore, Pakistan-Structure and Nature of Jobs


In last section we have talked about the strength of labor force in Christian community of Lahore which is 71% now we will talk about the employment rate, structure and nature of jobs to analyze the potential and utilization situation.

In this study unemployment rate are also determined for Christians in Lahore. For that sample is divided into three categories; students (having age from 1 to 20), employed people and unemployed people. According to data analysis there are 38% students, percentage of employed people residing in Lahore Pakistan is 33% while 29% of the Christians of Lahore are unemployed and implies less job opportunities for the Christians due to this high unemployment rate. Result indicates that no doubt Christian population has higher value of labour force but has very less job opportunities as employment rate is just 37%.

In depth survey also makes comparison of working labour force of Christians in public and private sectors. Employment in private and public sectors fortifies less job opportunities for Christians in public sector having value of just 6% out of total employed people while out of total employed workers 94% of the targeted population works in private sector. Reflecting less job opportunities provided to the Christian people by the government.

Further exploration addresses the nature of the jobs on which Christians of Lahore are working in both private and public sector. Structural composition of private and public sector employment speaks out that in private sector majority of the Christians are employed in teaching and sanitation departments having 31% and 24% respectively. While in public sector 38% of the Christians works under sanitation field having higher percentage as compare to other jobs.