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South Africa: Girl perishes after pastor orders huge speaker to be put on her stomach


A girl congregant of Mount Zion General Assembly passed away, after a failed demonstration of power. During a Sunday service the pastor of the church called a girl from the choir and asked his ushers to put a big speaker on top of her. This endeavor was taken up by the pastor in order to demonstrate God’s power.

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Pastor Lethebo Rabalango who was conducting a whole night prayer service, during his sermon he said he would demonstrate the power of God. The pastor told his congregants if Jesus walked on water, he too could do anything with faith. For demonstrating his faith, he called the girl and asked her to lie down on the floor.

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Pastor Lethebo Rabalango directed the Ushers to carry a big speaker and put on her stomach. He said that the weight would not harm the girl. When the speaker was placed on top of the girl, he climbed on top of the speaker, added to the weight upon the girl. He had promised her that she would not feel the pain; when the speaker was placed upon her she fainted and later succumbed to injuries. She sustained internal injuries to her lungs. Nonetheless, Pastor Lethebo Rabalango blamed the girl and asserted that she had little faith that is why she could not withstand a very simple task.

He remained seated in top of the speaker for about 5 minutes, he got up. Then directed ushers to lift the speaker however, the girl did not move because she had fainted. Elders of the church administered her first aid, due to which she regained consciousness, however she complained of broken rib and was rushed to a hospital.