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South Africa: The “Snake Pastor” being hunted by the authorities for a case hearing


Snake Pastor

South African authorities continued to search frenziedly for the snake pastor, who has been missing.

In keeping with details, the authorities are hunting him down while the controversial pastor who had been in news for allegedly forcing his congregation to eat live snakes and drink petrol.

Pastor Penuel Mnguni who belongs to the End Times Disciples Ministries, has been titled by the media as the ‘snake pastor’, the incidents of him feeding his congregants live snakes came out in public. The Cultural, Linguistic and Religious Commission (CLR) is hunting him down.

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Moreover, the Cultural, Linguistic and Religious Commission (CLR) is looking for him, as they are investigating into the case filed under charges of abusing people’s faith. After the video footages of the snake pastor leading church services in which he made his congregants eat live snakes, he even made his congregants eat grass and drink petrol. In the footages, Daniel Mosuoe of the Rabboni Centre Ministries, could be seen along side the snake pastor in these video footages.

The Cultural, Linguistic and Religious Commission (CLR), summoned Pastor Penuel Mnguni, publicly known as the snake pastor to a hearing of this case but are unable to find him as he remains missing. It has been speculated that Pastor Penuel Mnguni, has no permanent address and keeps moving form one place to another.

Cultural, Linguistic and Religious Commission (CLR) chairman Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva said, “We appeal to people out there, if they know where he is. Because we need to summon him. As soon as we can verify his address, he’ll also be here. We really mean business.”

In the wake of strong steps taken by the Cultural, Linguistic and Religious Commission (CLR), hundreds have been protesting against the CLR; they demand that their pastors should be left on their own, and should not be bothered by CLR anymore.

Previously, Pastor Mnguni was in the news for a photo which was published on the End Times Disciples’ official website in which he could be seen dropping a live snake into a congregant’s mouth. The photo caption read, “Those with small faith eats only vegetables but the ones with a great faith eats everything.”