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Spain: Vandals stormed into a church broke crucifixes spary painted “Allah” on the walls


Church in Spain

Vandals stormed into a church in Spain, smashed the crucifixes and spray painted “Allah” on the walls.

In keeping with details, some vandals stormed into the Church of our Lady of Carmen in Rincon de la Victoria, Andalucia, Spain on November 2, Monday morning. A spokesman for the Diocese of Malaga while remarking about this incident that he does not considers all Muslims responsible for this incident.

A priest Agustin Carrasco, was the first one to discover the attack, the spokesman said. He added that the church is still committed to maintain“respect and fraternity between different religious groups”.

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It has been reported that the vandals tore into pieces the wooden statues of the Virgin Mary and Lord Jesus on the cross. This attack has shocked the Church authorise as well as the local Christians bolted from the blue.

In October, a similar incident was reported when a Moroccan man was hooked by the police in the same town after he allegedly tried to smash up a statue of the Virgin Mary. This 27-year-old, attacker repeatedly hit a wall which protected the statue, with a large rock. Police authorities revealed that he was shouting Arabic phrase “Allahu Akbar” which means “God is great” while he was being taken away by the police from the scene to the police station.