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Spanish authorities recently rescue more than 500 refugees


The Spanish authorities claim to have rescued more than 500 refugees last weekend. These refugees were purportedly trying to enter the country through waters. Many perished in pursuit of reaching Spanish shores, as their boats capsized.

On Sunday May 27, the Spanish Maritime Rescue Services reportedly rescued 293 refugees. Just a day before, 243 refugees were rescued, as they were trying to reach the Spanish shores. Details emerged that majority of these refugees were trying to reach region of Andalucia a coastal region in south of Spain.

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Authorities detail that 17 boats were used by the refugees; three vessels capsized shortly after the refugees were rescued. The biggest of these boast carried 46 people on board. Reports claim that thus far, from January till March 2018, more than 3,300 migrants have risked their life in the Mediterranean trying to reach Spain. This marks a 34% increase as compared to same time period last year.

Many organizations are trying to save these migrants, along with many evangelical Christians. These aid workers are striving to save these migrants by dint of several initiatives. In this regard, around 50 such groups assembled at the 2018 Refugee Highway Rountable in order to share the best possible ways to work for the migrants.

The United Nations releasing its figures said that at least 660 migrants have perished in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean so far this year. It said that during a period from January to April 2018, a total of 22,439 migrants reached European shores, with 4,409 of them arriving in Spain.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) says that 21,468 migrants and refugees arrived in Spain via sea route last year, with 224 people perishing on the journey. This figure showed a threefold increase on 2016, when 6,046 people reached Spain and 128 people died en route. IOM further stated that by early May 2018, 4,409 people had managed to reach Spain and 217 people had died in the the attempt.

The UN High Commission for Refugees has already warned of a challenging year for Spain, in terms of aiding the refugees and migrants arriving at its shores. María Jesús Vega, a spokeswoman for UNHCR Spain said, “This situation requires urgent measures from the central government, which needs to coordinate with the relevant ministries as well as the Guardia Civil border police, the maritime rescue service, the police and NGOs”.