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Spanish Government Criticized For Not Raising Voice For Asia Bibi


MADRID: Spanish government strongly criticized for being silent over Asia Bibi’s ordeal.

Spanish Government criticized for being silent for Asia Bibi
Spanish Government criticized for being silent for Asia Bibi

According to details, the civil liberties website MasLibres is condemning the Spanish government for its reluctance to support the cause of Asia Bibi; a Pakistani Christian woman facing capital punishment under the blasphemy law.


Earlier this year, King Juan Carlos of Spain, in his visit to Morocco in mid-July is said to have to have requested King Mohammed VI for the pardon of four dozen Spanish prisoners, which was granted on 30th of July, 2013. Among those who were pardoned was Daniel Galvan, who was sentenced in 2011 to 30 years for abusing 11 children. Later than pervasive protest, Galvan’s pardon was repealed and was re-detained. The foremost criticism involves a sharp contrast of Galvan’s case with that of Asia Bibi, the Christian woman mother of five who grabbed wide-reaching attention in 2010 when she was sentenced to death for allegedly violating Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

Nonetheless, in spite of several requests from organizations such as MasLibres, the Spanish government has maintained silence and is yet to negotiate with the Pakistan government over Asia Bibi’s pardon. Asia Bibi is currently awaiting a ruling on the appeal of her death sentence.


The spokesperson for MasLibres, Mr. Miguel Vidal, said.” The organization has asked Spain’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, to employ at the least the same effectiveness shown with the paedophile to save the life of Asia Bibi.”


Mr. Vidal further elaborated, “Eight months ago, we asked the government for help in liberating Asia Bibi and bringing her to Spain. We have never received an answer.”

 “Why has the Spanish government moved with such effectiveness to liberate a Spanish paedophile imprisoned in Morocco and is silent about Asia Bibi?” Vidal questioned.

“On December 13, 2012, we went with the family of Asia Bibi to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ask that they intercede in her case and to begin the process for accepting her in Spain the moment she is released. The interview we had at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Bibi’s husband and oldest daughter was very positive: they explained to us the steps that needed to be taken for the granting of asylum and they appeared favourable to taking some measures,” Vidal continued.


He accredited that it was made obvious in the meeting that international relations work in their own fashion. “However, eight months have passed and we still have no news,” he asserted.