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Spectacular “Super Blood Moon” dazzled the sky keeping sky gazers glued


Super Blood Moon

Sky gazers dazzled by sight of Super Blood Moon, this event never to be witnessed until 2033.

According to details, rare Super Blood Moon or commonly known as Blood Moon ket the sky gazers glued last night. Spectators in United States, Europe, Africa and western Asia view the stunning scenes wherever weather permitted depending upon their regional time either Sunday night or early Monday.

Astronomer Edwin Krupp- Director of the Hilltop Landmark said, “You always want to see the eclipse because they’re always very different. What we see tonight will be different from the last event: how dark it is, how red it is. It’s always interesting to see.” He further explained that the extra elements of the earth’s atmosphere add “all kinds of twists and turns to the experience.”

Science explains Blood Moon as a celestial event when a full moon becomes closest to Earth, it comes into view slightly bigger than routine and brighter than normal with a reddish hue. However at this particular event, this concurred with a full lunar eclipse when the moon, Earth and sun lined up simultaneously, and the Earth’s shadow totally obscured the moon. Super Blood Moon what we call a celestial event has not occurred since 1982 and as the astronomers predict will not occur until 2033.

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People from various parts of the world eagerly gazed at the sky to witness the rare event. The spectators in the UK got to watch the dazzling scenes in the sky late night while in South Africa they watched the red celestial spectacle early in the morning. Sky gazers in the U.S. also witnessed the event however, cloud barred some in few cities. The Blood Moon stayed in full eclipse for an hour.

Moon took on red/pink/orangey hues followed by the red tones dying away gradually as the moon came into sight from the Earth’s shadow. Even after the eclipse the rest of the night the Super Moon could be witnessed as incredibly big and bright, keeping the sky-gazers up for a while.