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Sri Lanka Becomes Host Of Greatest Number Of Pakistani Christians Seeking Asylum


COLOMBO: Sri Lanka has now become the first priority for the Pakistani Christians seeking asylum.

SRI LANKA the greatest attraction for the Pakistani Christians
SRI LANKA the greatest attraction for the Pakistani Christians

As a matter of fact, Sri Lanka has now become one of the foremost sources of asylum seekers in particular the Pakistani Christians who leave Pakistan on account of religious harassment or persecution. Notwithstanding largely Buddhist Sri Lanka has been witnessing several problems because of the asylum seekers pouring in – with an ever increasing number of Pakistani Christian. The Pakistani Christians along with others arrive with the intentions to claim refugee status as reported by the World News Australia Radio.


In this regard, leaders of the Catholic Church said: Sri Lanka is now hosting more than 600 asylum seekers claiming to be victims of persecution of the minority Christian community in Muslim-majority Pakistan. In point of fact, the Pakistanis are not eligible to work as per Sri Lankan law and as a consequence they are relying heavily on the support that’s being provided by the Sri Lankan Christians.


Father Xystus Kurukulasuriya –Spokesman of the Catholic Church in Colombo said: the Church is seeking assistance to help the Pakistan asylum seekers. He reportedly told the World News Australia Radio that the Sri Lankan Government will not get involved and help the Pakistani Christians as that would complicate Sri Lanka’s relationship with Pakistan.


This may be kept in mind that there has been a rising trend among the Pakistani Christians to move to other countries seeing the increasing religious intolerance, persecution and discrimination in Pakistan. According to a report about 90% of Christians in Pakistan favoured the UN Refugee Status owing to the trend of religious discrimination in Pakistan.