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Stand With The Christians In Iraq Join #WeAreN Campaign By Changing Your Facebook profile Pictures To ن


BEIRUT: Massive exodus of Christians from the Iraqi city of Mosul has stirred up major storm of the letter ن used to symbolise Christians in Mosul.

Christians in Iraq face severe persecution by the hands of ISIS
Christians in Iraq face severe persecution by the hands of ISIS

An increasingly popular social media campaign in support of the Christians in Mosul known as We Are N is widely appreciated by the Christians persecuted in the extremist Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The exodus of Christians from the jihadist-controlled city of Mosul has stimulated unrest in Christian and Muslim communities alike worldwide, with social media playing big role in the counterattack.

According to details, The Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), which has of late changed its name to Islamic State (IS), has given Christians in Iraq’s northern area an ultimatum over the weekend to submit to Islamic rule or leave, forcing hundreds of families to flee the ancient city, which has for centuries stood as a testament of coexistence.

Through mosques’ loudspeakers, the radical Islamic group gave Christians in Mosul the choice to convert to Islam, pay a religious tax or face death. Inhabitants say:

” the militants, who declared a caliphate last month headed by Abu Bakr Baghdadi, spray-painted Christian houses with the letter “N” in Arabic, which stands for Nasrani, or Christian, to identify them.”

As a result, Christians are move and ensuing migration sparking outrage in Lebanon and worldwide. Even as the religious figures and Christian politicians issue statements to voice their condemnation and anger over these tragic events in Mosul, many Lebanese alongwith Christians around the globe have opted to change their profile pictures on Facebook to a picture of a yellow “N” (in Arabic) with a black background.

A Facebook user, who expressed solidarity with the persecuted Christians in Iraq by changing his profile picture of a yellow “N” (in Arabic) with a black background,. wrote:

“And I am proud,” after posting the gloomy picture.
“This is an Arabic letter which is being painted on Christians’ homes in Mosul to identify them as Christians.”
“I wish u Muslim friends would stand up to this. We need them to show the world that this is not Islam. We need to remind them that SILENCE IS A SIGN OF ACCEPTANCE.”