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Startling Recovery Of Dead Sea Scrolls


There is only one place, under heaven, where an incessant, stream of substantiation of the Bible is discovered, time and again.

Fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls

It is an established verity that it’s been almost 40 years, since the discovery of any major Dead Sea Scrolls; which may thrill Biblical Archeologists.

The continuation of this lapse has  been annulled by an astounding discovery. Two small fragments of animal skin with ancient Hebrew Scriptures inscribed on them have been recovered. The parchments have however, turned brown with age, but the inscription is decipherable. Engraved on the recovered parchments is Leviticus 23:38-39 and 43-44 in ancient Hebrew. The Scrolls are now in the safe hands of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).

Some time ago, Professor Chanan Eshel, an archeologist at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv,Israel was summoned to a police station, near the Dead Sea, for an undercover meeting with a Bedouin Arab. The Arab asked, Professor Eshel to appraise those historic, scrolls. The Arab, unfurled that he’d been offered $20,000 in the black market. “I was jealous that he had found them instead of me,” said Eshel, “I was also very excited, though I didn’t believe I would ever see them again.”said Professor Eshel.

Professor Eshel who explored and gouged out the Judean dessert for 20 years, eventually managed to buy those scrolls for $3,000, later. He relegated the skins to the IAA, which is testing them for genuineness, but the likelihood remains that they are genuine findings.

 “No scrolls have been found in theJudeanDesertsince 1965, this encourages scholars to believe that if they bother to excavate survey and climb, they will still find things in theJudeanDesert. The common perception has been that there is nothing left to find there, but that is clearly wrong,” Professor Eshel exclaimed.

The recent findings are the 15th   discovery in this area, and date back to the Second Revolt against the Romans under Bar-Kochba.
By Madeeha Shakeel