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Statistical Data of Christian voters should be published:PCC


KARACHI: The Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC) implores the Election Commission of Pakistan to publicize the data of Christian voters.


Election Commission of Pakistan
Election Commission of Pakistan

The President of the PCC, Dr. Nazir S. Bhatti presented a petition to the Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan Justice (Rtd.) Fakhar Uddin G Ibrahim to publish the statistics of the Christian voters before the Elections of 2013 are formally announced. He further urged the Chief Election Commissioner to avoid any proceedings on the elections prior to the settlement of the Article 226 issue.  According to him the decision on Article 226 is still pending which puts a demand for a secret ballot on every seat of the parliament whilst reserved seats for the minorities are not occupied in accordance to the Constitution of Pakistan as maintained by Peoples Representation Act of 1976. In his letter Dr. Bhatti mentioned that” 45% Christian names are very similar to Muslim names which can be used for rigging in national general elections by influential Muslim candidates of Muslim political parties”


The copy of his letter to the Chief Election Commissioner is as follows:


Honorable Election Commissioner of Pakistan,

It is surprising that there is no statistical data of Christian voters on ECP Website which is total denial of presence of Christians in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

I will appeal your honor to publish Christian Voters data in Pakistan and likewise in each province and every district before announcement of date of Elections of 2013.

The 45% Christian voters names are similar to Muslims which we doubt can be used in rigging of elections.

We have been frequently requesting your honor to settle issue of Article 226 of Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan which not permits Selection on reserved seats fro minorities in parliament.

If Christian Voters list is not published and Article 226 is not considered; Pakistani Christians will be forced to boycott Election 2013, as it can not be fair and transparent as millions of votes of Christian can be used in rigging.

Pakistan Christian Congress PCC.