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Stay Silent, You Are A Minority!


Minorities have always been a target in Pakistan. Oppression from varied sources is a norm in this country and standing up for right as a member of a minority sect means even more challenging a task.

Lal Malhi is a Hindu MNA in Pakistan and he is expected to remain quiet just because he belongs to the Hindu minority. Lately he has spoken out on how his community is being persecuted. Forced conversion of 14 year old to Islam is a normal thing. Hindu temples and idols are destroyed and there is absolutely no respect even on religious grounds.

Malhi’s address in the National Assembly meeting spoke volumes about how ignorant our leaders and representatives.
It is high time that the government and religious majorities recognize that indeed the minorities have been failed as a whole in Pakistan. Decades of discrimination that has been faced by Hindus, Christians, Shia and others can at no cost be compensated.

The acknowledgement needs to come from the Muslim majority and the vision that Quaid had for the Pakistan he created, needs to be restored.

Allowing a cross to be built in Karachi, handing out checks after someone from a minority sect has lost a loved one in a shooting or bomb attack does not fulfill the void that is created in the lives of many daily.
“Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims would cease to be Muslims” and that religion has “nothing to do with the business of the State.” This vision of Quaid needs to be made clear to the countries leadership. Equality is at not level seen in Pakistan.

The teary eyes of a mother who lost her son, entire families fleeing Pakistan in order to seek refuge, 5000 Hindus moving back to India and a hoard of other atrocities is proof of the sorry state of affairs Pakistani minorities are in. Our demeanor reflects the life we live.