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STOP Shearing Rimsha Masih Picture it Can Pose Severe Death Threats


A judge granted Masih bail on Friday and her lawyers are applying to have charges that she burned pages from the Koran dismissed after a local cleric was detained on suspicion of planting false evidence to stir resentment against Christians.The religious scholars, investigation teams, media and Judiciary deserve appreciation for their positive role that promoted soft image of the country.their role is highly appreciable but on other side there arrises an issue of displaying and printing the pictures of Rimsha Masih.

First of all the pictures which have been displayed on various TV channels and social network sites are fake.the girl being displayed is not Rimsha Masih.Secondly we demand and request to all our national and international media that they should not show the picture of Rimsha Masih as it will pose severe death threatsan to Rimsha and her family.So her identity should not be revealed..as it is very much clear from the past incidents that two high-ranking government officials Governer Salman Taseer and minister of minorities affair Shehbaz Bhatti who had suggested its reform related to Blasphemy Law were shot dead, one by his own bodyguard. Lawyers threw rose petals at that killer and the judge who convicted him was forced to flee the country.So we humbly request all the national, international and social media that the Rimsha Masih’s identity shoud not be revealed in order to protect her life.